Create, customize, manage loan programs to manage leads, process, underwrite, close and service loans.

Lead Management
Lead Management


Application Processing
Application Processing


Rate Engine & Underwriting
Rate Engine & Underwriting


Give Approvals & Close Loans
Give Approvals & Close Loans


Customer Relation Management

Customer Relation Management

Automate all your sales process. Nurture and Build relationships with Prospects, Brokers & Investors

Loan Origination

Loan Origination

Lenders & Brokers can tailor their lending process to support different loan programs and originate loans on the fly

Rate Engine & Underwriting

Rate Engine & Underwriting

Calculate Interest rate & Monthly Payments based on Borrower profile, Payment Schedule & Loan Programs.

Role Based Access Control

Role Based Access Control

Create rules and set permissions to manage and restrict access to your leads, prospects and opportunities based on user role.


How does it Work

Make your work easier with an integrated ecosystem that lets your team work properly together to Manage Leads, Process, Underwrite, Close and Service Different Loan programs.

Tailor your Lending Process & Originate Loans on the fly using our Module and Opportunity Builders.

LendCRM-Loan Origination Software with broker portal


Using Our intuitive WYSIWYG Module Builder, You can Drag & Drop to create, update and delete fields on the fly to collect the required information on Prospects to Process, Under-Write, Close and Service your loans.


Our WYSIWYG Opportunity Builder will let you create and customize different loan programs to Process, Under-Write, Close and Service Loans Custom Modules Create and Manage custom modules to manage your business process needs.

Our Point Of Sale Portals will let your Prospects and Contacts to seamlessly login into the platform to update or check the status of their loans.

Contacts Portal

Brokers, Investors, Escrow, AVM, BPO and all required parties to process, under-write, close and service loans can login into the platform to assist prospects and lenders in closing the loan and check the status of the loan.

Sign Up Portals

You can create and customize Sign Up portals to attract Brokers & ISO's to work with you on commission basis.

Prospect Portal

Using our Prospect Portal, You can request your prospects to complete/update the needed information, Upload required documents and check the status of their loan.

LendCRM-Loan Origination Software with borrower portal

Lead & Affiliates Management

LendCRM-Loan Origination Software with loans

Web Form Builder

Using Our Web form Builder, You can create web to lead forms to support different loan programs and assign them to your workforces, Brokers and affiliates.

Web to Lead Forms

Create Web to Lead Forms using Web Form Builder can be embedded into your website as an I-frame and Prospects can easily apply for a loan through your website.

Lead Management

Work closely with your Sales and Marketing team to manage the received Leads for your different Loan Programs from different channels. Loan Officers, Sales Reps, Brokers & Affiliates can collaborate with Potential Prospect to gather required information & Convert a Lead to Prospect.

Document & Contract Management

Documents Portal

Create your document portal for prospects to securely upload required documents to Process, Under-write and Close a loan.

Contract Management

Create templates of your contracts using our Contract builder and seamlessly load them with Loan terms and all the required information of the loan inside opportunities.

Quick Packages

Create Required Loan document packages based on Prospect Profile, Subject Property and Loan Program.

LendCRM-Loan Origination Software with Guidelines

Rate Engine & Underwriting

LendCRM-Loan Origination Software with Underwriting

Rate Engine

Eligibility and Best interest rate that can be offered to a borrower can be calculated in our platform based on your Pricing matrix for different loan programs. All your variables such as Borrower profile, Subject Property State, LTC, LTC & ARV etc... that can affect the rate on a loan can be given and we will compute all your conditions to provide the best rate that can be offered to your borrower.

Loan calculators

Customize Loan Calculators to compute Monthly payments based on Loan Term, Payment Schedule, Initial Loan Amount, Buy Rate, Closing Costs Financed, Rehab Budget Financed, Broker & Originator Commission etc...


Using Our Rate Engine & Loan Calculators Assess the Risk of the borrower to approve or reject a loan file.

Our Strong & Granular Security Features will Protect your Data & Privacy Privileges all across the Platform

Identity & Access Management

Our Modular Roles based Access Control will let you help set privileges across the company roles such as Sales Reps, Loan Officers, Under writers, Closers and Brokers etc.. to create, edit, update or delete any information across the platform.

Status Based Access & Data Review

Prospects & Opportunities can be shown or hidden to your team based on the status of the loan and using our platform, you can Set Permissions to review the changes made by your team before making any changes to your most credible data


Your Data is on Rest with AWS & is aligned with SOC 2, ISO 27001, & PCI compliance. We encrypt, secure, back up your data for life.

LendCRM-Loan Origination Software with CRM

Email Marketing

LendCRM-Loan Origination Software with CRM

Email Template Builder

Nurture Leads & Build relationships by Creating intuitive email marketing templates using our WYSIWYG based email template builder and send One-One/Bulk emails for marketing and communication purposes.

One-One & Bulk Emails

Our Platform Supports Merge Tags for loading the data of a Prospect, Opportunities & Contacts to send One-One/Bulk emails in particular to their transactions.



Managers & Team can Create Tasks, Set Due Dates, Priority and Assign Tasks to your team. Teams can work together using notes within a task.

LendCRM-Loan Origination Software with CRM
LendCRM-Loan Origination Software with Notes features


Teams can Work together and Make Public/Private notes to communicate & Collaborate across the platform.

Automate your Lending Process by

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Premium Support & Set Up

Set Up

Customers receive one-on-one training and professional on boarding services to set up the platform, build process and Use the system.

Phone & Email Support

We Provide 24*7 Phone Support and Email Support. We will connect with you via screen- share to help you set up or solve your issues or help customizing the platform.

Knowledge Library

Our Video library and User Manual explains all the features and functionality for you to customize and use the platform seamlessly.