Boost Productivity with LendCRM’s Loan Application Builder

Lendstacks April 26, 2022 Blogs & Articles

The one constant in the real estate lending space is that nothing stays the same for long. The inherently dynamic nature of the industry requires lenders to adopt an innovative and flexible mindset to evolve with the constantly shifting trends.

Outmoded legacy mortgage software are still reliant on tedious manual entry, meaning loan providers have essentially no time to dedicate to process enhancement, improving client experience and market analytics. Loan officers are stuck punching numbers on their computers for the majority of their workday when their time could instead be allocated to more productive tasks like business development efforts and building relationships with key industry partners such as brokers and real estate agents. 

The lending industry is at its core, a client-driven environment where lenders have no alternative but to integrate automation into their day-to-day operations in order to deliver the best user experience and stay relative amongst competing capital providers. That is where LendCRM comes into play. Our comprehensive cloud-based loan origination software infused with robust customer relationship management (CRM) applications takes lending to an unprecedented level of efficiency for lenders and borrowers alike. Not only does the LendCRM software significantly reduce the mortgage origination timeline, but it also simplifies the process to promote enhanced productivity—allowing loan officers to focus on growing and scaling their business as opposed to being chained to their keyboards. 

LendCRM allows lenders to effectively track and automate essentially every phase of the lending process. From data sourcing to capital disbursement, the user-friendly interface offers a completely digitized platform that enables loan providers to process more loans in less time. Increase productivity while decreasing errors and compliance issues—LendCRM is truly a win-win solution. Building an efficient and scalable workflow is essential to sustaining your lending business. This can seem like a daunting task given the sheer number of variables and unique considerations involved with each and every transaction. LendCRM empowers lenders in navigating these nuanced deals by giving them all the tools they need to create, customize, and manage loan programs on the front-end and then subsequently track leads, process, underwrite, close and service mortgages on the back end. Internal processes are also optimized through the LendCRM platform, which allows managers to organize teams, set due dates and communicate priorities in a centralized workplace. 

One of the main advantages of utilizing LendCRM is that it creates a truly seamless client experience. Whether its refinancing or purchasing their first house, today’s borrowers are now accustomed to an error-free, virtual user experience. Prior to the advent of mortgage origination software, customers would be required to meet face-to-face in order to tackle mountains of tedious documents by hand. Thanks to technology, this is no longer the case as LendCRM offers a secure document portal for potential clients to submit all required documentation needed to process, underwrite, and close a loan. All the metrics and data loan officers need to evaluate a loan application are automatically extracted, eliminating the need for manual entry and the potential for errors. 

The underwriting process was traditionally one of the most complex and time-consuming stages of the loan process. LendCRM streamlines this process with its Loan Builder application that leverages a cutting-edge rate engine tool to automatically evaluate clients’ eligibility and generate the best interest rate that can be offered. Lenders can effortlessly adjust variables influencing the rate such as borrower profile, subject property state, LTC, ARV, etc. and the software will instantaneously assess the viability of a given loan package. The built-in Loan Calculators can be fully customized to compute monthly payments based on loan term, payment schedule, initial loan amount, buy rate, closing costs financed and so much more. By eliminating repetitive manual calculations, loan officers can service more clients and focus on providing higher-quality services. That can make all the difference in today’s ultra-competitive marketplace where reputation means everything. Satisfied clients equal repeat customers and referrals—both of which are key to long-term profitability.

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